Star Student March 2020: Lucy Wilson

Personal Tutor: Self-study student nominated by our Operations team member Will

I was 17 years old when I was introduced to accounting for the first time. It was one of my main subjects at college in Slovakia where I came from. I fell in love with accounting and I dreamed of being an accountant one day. I graduated from my college with amazing scores and I was able to go to university. Unfortunately, I was not accepted for an accounting course and I thought I will never be able to fulfil my dream to become an accountant. I gave up on my studies at university and I moved to UK. Several years later I found out about the AAT qualification and it was a perfect match for me! I was working two jobs (and still am working two jobs) various hours and days so I knew the only way I could study was to study online. It did not take me long to find Accountancy Learning. The name caught my eyes straight away and I was very pleased to find out that they are one of the best AAT learning providers for a very affordable prices! I enrolled with them and my journey began. Accountancy Learning gave me all the information I needed to start with my studies and prepared me well for what was ahead of me. I enrolled with them at the end of July and I really started studying in August. I struggled to find time to study at the beginning due my planned holiday in September and unplanned moving across the country right after my holiday. But that did not stop me. I got back on the track in October and I was able to sit my first exam at the end of the month! Thanks to my previous studies at College, I found the course very easy. It was like doing college all over again but better! I had amazing mental support from Will who never stop believing in me. He was not just my mental support, but he answered all the questions I asked and he was able to help me when I struggled with one question from the exam. I scored 95% on my first exam and it motivated me to stay focused. I sat my last exam at the end of January and got my certificate at the beginning of March with a distinction! So it took me only 4 months from sitting my first exam to sitting my last exam. The learning material provided by Accountancy Learning was amazing and easy to understand. Small quizzes after each chapter make sure you have understood the chapter and that you are good to move on to next chapter. I could not be happier with my training provider and I am excited to start studying Level 3 Advance diploma in Accounting and hopefully finish with a distinction too.

Self-study student nominated by our Operations team member Will said:

Lucy has started her AAT studies with us in July 2019, and I am so proud of how far she has come. She has studied accounting previously, but wanted the chance to refresh her knowledge and enter into the profession, and through her studies with us, she is on the road to achieving this. She has been a superstar throughout her studies, and has not got lower than 80% in all of her exams and has finished her course in such record breaking time. Not only is she really good with her accounting skills, but she is also a lovely person to speak to, and always provides me with updates of how her studies and exams are going and is always so positive about everything she does. I would like to nominate Lucy for the star student award, because she works hard and is enjoying everything about this industry, and feel that her hard work needs to be appreciated and accounted for. Well done Lucy!