AAT Membership

This section briefly explains how and when to register with the AAT i.e. AAT Membership. Selecting the correct qualification to register for can sometimes be confusing, so we have provided you with some information on that too.

How do I register with the AAT?

Before you register with the AAT, you need to firstly enrol onto your course with a Training Provider – this is important as the AATs online application form will ask for details of the Training Provider you are enrolled with.

Once you have enrolled onto your course, the AAT rules state that you should register with the AAT within 4 weeks of enrolment.

To register with the AAT, simply go to the AATs website and click on the number ‘3′ – Register with AAT’, as shown below:

This will take you to an online application form. A couple of important points here are:

  • Make sure you select the correct training provider (i.e. the training provider you enrolled on your course with)
  • ULN Number: this is irrelevant for most students, so simply skip this question

There are quite a lot of questions to complete, but hopefully you should find them self explanatory – if you get stuck, do contact us or get in touch with the AAT directly.

Which qualification should I register for?

When registering with the AAT, the key bit is to make sure you select the relevant category of qualification e.g.

You will need to select AAT Accounting Qualifications if you enrolled on:

  • AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
  • AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting
  • AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting

You will need to select AAT Bookkeeping Qualifications if you enrolled on:

  • AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • AAT Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping

From here, you will then be able to select the specific course that you enrolled on with your training provider.

It is important to select the correct category of qualification (and the specific qualification of course), because the registration fee is different for both categories of course, but it will also have an impact later on when you come to book in for your exams.

For more information about the Accounting and Bookkeeping qualifications, please click here

TOTUM Discount

As an AAT student, you are able to purchase a student TOTUM discount card which offers 100’s of discounts such as 10% off at the Co-op, 10% off at ASOS, and 25% off Odeon student-priced tickets.

For more information on how to get your TOTUM card, please click here