AAT Distance Learning Courses

Level 2
Accountancy Learning 88%
AAT National Average 83%
Level 3
Accountancy Learning 88%
AAT National Average 75%
Level 4
Accountancy Learning 79%
AAT National Average 65%

AAT distance learning courses are a smart choice for those looking to embark on a career in accountancy or bookkeeping. The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is widely recognised as the Gold Standard for accounting technician training. You’ll find the AAT is therefore a qualification that’s recognised and valued across the whole accounting profession. Because of its recognition, it can also be a requirement of many employers in the field. As a result, an AAT qualification will help you to enhance your career prospects while increasing the likelihood of finding work.

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AAT Level 2

Our AAT Level 2 distance learning courses represent the typical starting point for many of our students. Students who are either already working, or wish to work in an accounting or bookkeeping role will benefit from this course. We will introduce you to manual double entry bookkeeping skills including…

AAT Level 3

The AAT Level 3 courses are perfect for those who have previously studied AAT Level 2 or are currently working in a finance role and have some experience. It is not only very relevant for those who want to supply bookkeeping services but also for those who simply want to progress their training to the next stage. In these courses we also cover…

AAT Level 4

Students who take the AAT Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting course will build on the financial and management accounting topics covered in the AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting. As a result it is very relevant for those who wish to progress on from the Level 3. Or for those…

AATQB Bookkeeping Bundles

Take your career to the next level. Train to become an AAT Licensed Bookkeeper with our AATQB Bookkeeping Bundle or the AATQB Bookkeeping Bundle PLUS Sage. You can undertake this course with no prior experience, however, it is also suitable for those with experience who wish to have their skills recognised. Our AATQB Bundle consists of…

AAT (L2) Accounting Software

The Foundation Award in Accounting Software is the same unit that is included in the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, although it is also a ‘standalone’ qualification in its own right. If completing this home study course on its own, it is for suitable for those who already have an existing knowledge of manual bookkeeping. It is also useful for those looking to enhance their current knowledge of a computerised accounting package or for those already working in finance but wanting recognition of their skills.

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