Our Reviews

Megan Cortes

“The materials were interactive, as opposed to purely textbook learning which can be monotonous…but the online learning platform has been engaging and easy to follow, alongside text and exercise books”

My name is Megan Cortes MAAT, I recently completed my Level 4 AAT qualification.

Since completing my Level 3 AAT in a classroom environment I wanted to take some time to grow in accounts before studying Level 4.

In that time I started a career in accounts and felt like I was in a position to take my learning to the next level. However, I felt that classroom learning was not for me due to time and travel, so I searched for a remote learning alternative and found Accountancy Learning.

They could provide the support and flexibility I needed to allow me to study around my busy lifestyle and I could book exams when I was ready for them. There were a few different options for learning, but I requested a tutor for some extra support. Shortly after my enrolment I received a call from my tutor, Pat, welcoming me to Accountancy Learning and taking the time to get to know me and discuss my individual learning plan.

The added support and encouragement from Pat has been incredible in helping me achieve my Level 4 qualification, she has been there for me every step of the way and it has been a joy to study with her.

The materials were interactive, as opposed to purely textbook learning which can be monotonous…but the online learning platform has been engaging and easy to follow, alongside text and exercise books.

Since achieving Level 4 AAT, my efforts and new found knowledge have progressed my career, becoming an Accounts Manager.

I would highly recommend Accountancy Learning if you are looking to take your career to the next level and study AAT. Their support and learning materials will help you excel and achieve amazing results, the sky is the limit. This is a widely recognised qualification that will shine on your CV and Accountancy Learning is the learning provider to help you achieve this.

Maria Stankovicova

Thank you very much to whole team at Accountancy Learning for being there for me!

I started my AAT path with Accountancy Learning a few years ago.

I have completed L2 & L3 consecutively. Initially I started with a tutor option – my tutor was very helpful, prompt with answering my questions and always there if needed, but due to my change of circumstances I carried on with self-study.

I have been working in an accountancy practice for last 5 years and I am certain the completion of my L3 helped in securing my current job.  I have recently completed L4 Professional Diploma in Accounting and once again I chose to do it with Accountancy Learning.

The option of studying whenever you want and the availability to choose your exam date was priceless for myself. I absolutely loved the way they put together a study plan and resources for each level. I have always followed their recommendations as how to approach the unit and I always walked into an exam room confidently and never failed any of my exams.

Whenever I contacted the office with any queries regarding my course and needed a piece of advice on how to progress with my future decisions, they were very helpful and assuring what added to my further motivation and now I have successfully completed L4 with Merit.

Karen Jaggard

I would highly recommend them to anyone the whole team is amazing!

Accountancy learning are a great training provider. From the first time I called to my last exam they have been amazing. They were the only ones that listened when I rang up to ask about the bookkeeping qualifications, they never pushed for me to pay for the higher-priced accounting courses like other places I contacted had.

On joining I was allocated a tutor as it was part of my package, I am so glad I did, Pete has been fantastic over my course he has really kept me going, his support was brilliant when I was finding it tough and was ready to give up, as was his enthusiasm when it was going well. I found this company very accommodating from setting up a payment schedule I could afford to let me take study breaks during Covid when I had to stop and concentrate on homeschooling my two boys.

If I decide to take further AAT levels I would certainly use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone the whole team is amazing! Thank you to you all without you I never would have passed!

Danielle Whelan, AAT Student

I sat my level 3 indirect tax yesterday and passed! 


Special thanks as always to the team at Accountancy Learning.


This is the 8th exam I’ve sat with them and they are so welcoming and friendly and put my nerves at ease immediately!


I’ve sat 8 exams in total for AAT, 5 for level 2 and 3 for level 3 with all first-time passes which is partly down to the great atmosphere at Accountancy Learning.


Look forward to sitting the rest of my AAT exams with them.

Peter Sewell, AAT Student

August 2020 Star Student Peter Sewell

I’ve now been promoted to manager of the credit control department!

Hi everyone,

I wonder if you can remember me from 2020 when I was your student of the month after studying for my AAT level 2 & 3 and sitting all my exams within 2 months, level 3 all exams on one day!

Well, I thought I’d share some news with you as I’m so pleased to have studied with you and maybe you could use my story to showcase your excellent courses.

After completing my studies with you and gaining my AAT level 2 & 3 qualifications I managed to land myself a nice job as a credit controller for New Directions in Cardiff. After a short time, I was promoted to manager of the credit control department.

Today I’ve heard the news that I’ve been shortlisted for the Finance Wales Awards 2022 in the Rising Star category.


It just goes to show that anything is possible and completing my AAT was my first step toward my new career.

I wanted to let you all know as I really enjoyed my time studying with you and I’ve recommended your courses to several friends, one of whom has signed up and has completed her level 2 already with you!

Jake Crompton, AAT Student


I’ve had a fantastic experience with Accountancy Learning so far

My Name’s Jake and I’ve been working for Mi PA for over 4 years now as a PA.

A big part of my position is completing a variety of different tasks for my clients and I remember very early on really enjoying any tasks relating to accountancy. They just made a lot of sense to me and I always found them really fun to work on.

For the last 4 years we’ve been growing at an amazing rate and it started to no longer make sense for our MD to be working on so many internal tasks, including the accounts, and given how much I enjoyed these types of the tasks anyway, and had the most experience doing them, I put myself forward to help take these on.

I’ve had a fantastic experience with Accountancy Learning so far and it’s great to see how much of what I’ve already learned I’ve been able to apply directly to my work.

My main goal now is to keep learning and help our business grow to a place where we need a full accounts department.

Minji Kim, AAT Student


A massive thank you to Accountancy Learning for a wonderful AAT programme

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Accountancy Learning for a wonderful AAT programme. During the first lockdown I started an AAT Level 2 course with you and I chose a self-study course because of my circumstances. I think it’s great that you offer a self-study option for the students with low budget.

Being a foreigner with not much working experience in the UK, I felt quite stuck in terms of my career, working in a restaurant.

But thanks to the great online course you provide, I managed to achieve the qualification with a distinction (an overall score of 97%), and I’m very happy to say that I started a new job last week as an accounts assistant at a law firm! While I am realising the accounting for solicitors is a whole different area, I do believe that it was my AAT qualification that gave me the chance to get into accounting!

So thank you very much and I will definitely recommend your course to others who want to study AAT.

Kind regards

Minji Kim

Francesca Chapman, AAT Student

I’d recommend you guys to anyone who wanted to do a course like this

“I never really knew what I wanted to do as a career, although I did hold down a full-time job as a logistics manager for an events company for 7 years. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2018 I got made redundant and took that as an opportunity to push forward and find something that was really right for me. Having worked closely with the accountant and bookkeepers over the years, I’d started to realise that bookkeeping was something that really interested me, so I looked into AAT courses as I had been recommended them as a good place to start.

I found Accountancy Learning online and sent a ridiculously long e-mail full of questions but got a lovely, helpful response back and I knew they were the right people for me! I have loved studying my Level 2 course with them and I think the Moodle, coupled with the test for each section really helped me learn and to make sure I had grasped each topic before I moved on. I have now moved onto the Level 3 course and am enjoying that just as much.

I really feel this is the start of a new career for me and can’t thank Accountancy Learning enough for all of their help so far.”

Since then…

Francesca has completed her AAT (Level 3) Certificate in Bookkeeping (she achieve the AAT (Level 2) Foundation Certificate in Accounting as well as the AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping qualification within 8 months), and this is what she said:

“Thanks so much though for all of your help throughout, as I’ve said to Prue many times, I’d recommend you guys to anyone who wanted to do a course like this. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you (Chrissy) & Prue and I’m so grateful to have achieved everything so much quicker than I ever imagined when I started.”

Tasha Harding AAT Student

Brilliant place to study AAT qualifications

“Everyone was brilliant with quick reply times and answering any queries I had. Also messaging me to see how I was getting on with my studies helped to keep me motivated (as well as receiving student of the month!)

Accountancy Learning is a brilliant place to study AAT qualifications, the staff are so friendly and want you to achieve the best possible. It is nice that you can book an exam when you feel ready and confident enough! Thanks to Accountancy Learning, I have managed to start a career in accounting with no previous knowledge before starting my Level 2.

Tasha has just completed her AAT Level 3 and is about to start her AAT Professional Level (Level 4).”

Jack Golden, AAT Student

Jack Golden Testimonial

A very different experience to many other online courses I’ve done – you’re doing a great job.

Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed my course with your organisation and how grateful I am to your tutor (Pat) who has helped me through. She was approachable, informative and supportive throughout.

Doing a course with Accountancy Learning is a very different experience to many other online courses I’ve done in the past. You’re doing a great job. Thank you.

Wyn Jones, AAT Level 3 Student

Approachable and relaxed style…

“At 40 years old, deciding to return to education was not an easy choice to make. Accountancy Learning’s approachable and relaxed style made this difficult choice a very comfortable one for me. Simon and Prue’s understanding of my needs and the knowledge and flexibility of the team have supported my introduction into the world of accountancy giving me the confidence to continue on a career path I didn’t think possible.”

Claire Brand, AAT Advanced Student

Won the AAT Champion Award again!

I have been working with Accountancy Learning for about 2 years and no matter who you speak to, tutor or office staff, there is always an encouraging ear, email or support.  I am now on my second course and I have introduced a colleague who is also studying with you. I have found studying tough with a full time job, but a nudge from my tutor Shannon is always well timed and pertinent!  Keep up the good work, it is no wonder you won the AAT Champion Award again.

Emma Chudley, AAT Advanced Student

They are so patient and helpful

“As a PA my initial goal was to see if I would enjoy the financial side of a business.  I was able to undertake the Level 2 Bookkeeping to see if accountancy was for me, at a cost I could afford.  I really enjoyed the course and style of learning and wanted to take my studies further.  I do not currently work in a finance role so was recommended the Level 3 Bookkeeping, which will give me a qualification in its own right and hopefully enable me to find a new job.  I really like the fact that I can undertake further modules to complete the AAT Level 3 Accounting.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support? (If applicable)

The office is great.  Signing up is really easy and you know that you are signing up for the right course for you!  I really like the on-line presentations.  They explain things in a different way to the material in the books.  This show and tell style of learning suits me and I like to take notes as I go along.  Doing the exercises and marking your own work gives me confidence that I have the knowledge for the exams.  If you get something wrong you can always go back over the presentations again to understand why.  If there are occasions when you just don’t get it – you can talk this over the phone with one of the tutors.  They are so patient and helpful in tying everything together.  I have found Simon and Prue to be very helpful.  It is a great feeling when it suddenly clicks!

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

Accountancy Learning is a great way to start.   You can start small based on your current skills, time and budget and work your way up at a pace that suits your own skills and abilities.”

Deb Dominy, AAT Level 3 Student

I would not have got there without Accountancy Learning

“My original goal was to complete Level 2.   I had the opportunity of studying AAT about 10 years but thought it was beyond my capabilities and didn’t give it a second thought.  Back in 2015 my employer offered me the chance to study for Level 2 and this time I relished the challenge.

I enjoyed it so much I continued on to Level 3 which I have now also passed and feel really proud of my achievements although without Accountancy Learning I would not have got there.

Accountancy Learning was the training provider used by a local company and although we had so many problems with this company (not turning up for exams twice, vacating their premises with no notice, etc, etc) Accountancy Learning was the one stable part of our training.  They stood true to their word and continued our studies even though they were probably out of pocket and I am really grateful to them.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

I found all the learning materials really useful.  A colleague at work is using a different provider and receives nothing like this so she is changing to Accountancy Learning for her Level 4.  The admin team are always friendly and helpful, as is the tutor support.  You never feel like you are on your own.

I also found that the personal phone call from Prue at the start of my training, explaining how the training worked was so helpful.  That personal touch made a big difference and gave me so much more confidence.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would say to definitely go to Accountancy Learning for your training as your first stop!  Secondly, don’t try to understand the workings of double entry and debits and credits.  As it states in the training, it’s been like that for thousands of years and it works so just accept it.  That was the best advice I was given and allowed me to continue and understand it all.

Thirdly just enjoy it.  I’m now 53 and should have done this years ago but I think being older I could enjoy it more and for me the satisfaction of passing each exam and sense of achievement is greater each time as it does get harder to study the older you get.”

Samantha Stokes, Bookkeeping / Accounts Assistant

I’m so pleased I used Accountancy Learning

“After many years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I finally decided that I wanted to be an accountant. I did some research and found that the best course of action was to do an AAT and discovered Accountancy Learning as a great learning provider.

I started the AAT Level 2 in January 2014 and found myself to be flying through the material and exams. I completed the course in under 6 months and then went onto completing Level 3 in another 6 months. I am now studying Level 4, as well having a 4 month old baby, with only 4 exams left to go.

Accountancy Learning was so helpful with providing me with the help and support that I needed and were always there for me; especially when I decided that I had some very last minute questions (usually the day of an exam!)

I recently found a job, which was perfect for me: Bookkeeper/Accounts Assistant at a local accountants. I sent my CV for review to Accountancy Learning and after some amendments was able to land myself the job. I’m so pleased that I used Accountancy Learning as my learning provider as I can’t imagine another company helping me the way they did. Thanks everyone, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Caitlin Churchward, AAT Level 4 Apprentice


Caitlin Churchward has just completed her AAT Level 4 Apprenticeship (having also completed her AAT Level 3 Apprenticeship with us).

Here is what she had to say:

“Upon finishing my GCSE’s I was excited to move on from full time education and was interested in the apprenticeship route whereby I could gain a new qualification as well as gain work experience.

I was employed by Total Repair Service Ltd, a building contractor who specialise in insurance repairs. They offered me an accountancy apprenticeship and the chance to work along-side the company secretary, which helped me gain responsibility and trust in my work environment.

Accountancy Learning has provided me with both the independence to work to my own schedule and capability as well as offer the support of my tutor when I have struggled.

I have now completed my professional synoptic and am awaiting my results and have completed my portfolio with a competent result from the AAT. Without the support that I have received I really don’t believe I would have had the motivation to push through those difficult units so I am extremely grateful for my tutors help and persistence.”

Caitlin has since received her synoptic exam results and passed and so has successfully completed her Level 4 Apprenticeship and become a full member of AAT, able to add MAAT after her name.

Matthew Boddy, AAT Level 3 & 4 Apprentice

Working for Thomas Westcott, Chartered Accountants in Exeter, Matthew is currently part-way through his AAT Level 4 Apprenticeship (having completed his AAT Level 3 Apprenticeship with us).

Here is what he had to say:

“I started the AAT studies with no prior accounting experience except for two weeks of work experience. I began my Apprenticeships straight from completing my A Levels and haven’t really looked back since!

By doing my AAT studies alongside my role at work, I am learning key concepts from a study perspective and in a real-world context.

I have been attending the ‘drop in’ sessions run by Accountancy Learning for just over 18 months and, in that time, I haven’t had a single complaint. I have always felt welcomed by all members of staff. By attending the drop-in sessions, I am able to see my tutor every week to discuss my progress and to hand in work to be marked, which is always returned really quickly.

If ever I have needed their help, I know that Accountancy Learning will be there and on hand to deal with any queries on my whole course.”

Giullia Valenzano


Real people who care about you

I started the AAT course because I was looking for a UK qualification which could support my Italian Master’s Degree in Economics. At that time I didn’t know about Accountancy Learning and I studied the Level 3 at a college and most of Level 4 via distance learning with another training provider.

Just recently I found out that if I didn’t complete all my exams by the 31st of December 2017, I would have lost three of the exams already done. I had one exam left to complete the Level 4: the ISYS project.

Regretfully my Level 4 training provider was not accepting ISYS project submission any longer, therefore I thought “I will never make it”. I desperately started looking for another training provider who could still let me submit the Project and after few searches I had the fortune to talk to Prue at Accountancy Learning. Since the beginning she has been so reassuring with me, she encouraged me not to give up and I made it, I completed the ISYS report in time with the precious help of my tutor Neil.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The material I received for the ISYS project was very practical and helpful, the tutor has always supported me during the preparation of my report, always available to answer my questions.

But the first contact I had with Accountancy Learning was with the administration team, they are kind, understanding and proactive, most of all they are real people.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

Be careful because not all the training providers are the same, make the right choice at the beginning. If you are looking for a personal approach and real people who care about you as a person and as a future professional, choose to study with Accountancy Learning and you will not regret it.

Sameenah Mulla, AAT Level 2 Student (Accounts Assistant: Spectrecom Films)

The support they provide is truly tremendous

When I started the AAT course, I did not have any set goals in mind apart from the fact that to help me through this accounting journey (which I enjoy thoroughly), having a qualification will not only make it easier for me but will also help me in part of this journey. Accountancy Learning suited the job in which I do as they support the Distance Learning which I need whilst I’m working full time. This means I can work as well as study in my spare time – at first I was quite unsure about distance learning but the support they have given me through this makes me enjoy studying AAT which is really important for me and I cannot have found a better provider to do this course with.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning support Accountancy Learning provide is truly tremendous, not only do they have a great online site, which goes through every module individually, but each subject comes with a video explaining every little thing in detail as well as mini tests – these really enhance on what you have just learnt. However, although the website is helpful on its own, the support from the tutors at Accountancy Learning is hands down genuinely valuable. Even when you have one set tutor there to help you, any one you speak to in the team will always help, including if you need feedback when you submit coursework

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

First of all, Good Luck. Secondly, if you do like learning in your own time or work full time and need to do an AAT course, having a Training Provider such as Accountancy Learning will be the best investment you’ll have to make, they will honestly support you through each part of the journey and provide the help you need at any time.

Kate Tucker, AAT Student

Studying at home while working full time

After doing a variety of admin jobs after University and saving to go travelling I decided to look into accountancy as a career. The AAT course looked like the best way to get my foot in the door as I didn’t have any relevant qualifications or work experience, it was very well recognised by employers and laid the foundations for further study if I decided to take that route later on. I find it easier to stay motivated when I’m responsible for my own learning so I liked the idea of studying at home at my own pace while working full time. I was drawn to Accountancy Learning as it seemed much more personal that the larger online training providers, they specialised purely in accountancy and their reviews were fantastic, as well as being based in Exeter.

The learning materials were excellent and a lot of them are available online, everything was explained clearly and there are plenty of tasks and practice tests which meant I’ve always felt well prepared going into the exams. The admin team are always available for any queries or booking exams and the Welcome Pack you get on starting the course was very informative and gives you an idea of how the course is structured. It’s great being able to take the exams at Accountancy Learning’s premises as you get to know all the staff which really puts you at ease, there are always only a few students in there with you and it’s generally much more relaxed compared to traditional exams. My tutor has been really helpful, any problems have been well explained and papers have been marked promptly with plenty of notes so I know where I’ve gone wrong.

Thinking about starting your AAT journey?

Go for it! I was unsure about returning to studying but I’ve found the course really enjoyable and have achieved Level 2 and 3 in less than a year and am making a start on Level 4.  It’s really rewarding marking off the subjects on Moodle and the learning plan as you progress. Once you get your head round the initial concepts introduced in Level 2 most of the topics are simply building on this so they become easier to grasp.  I’m now looking for my first job in accountancy and I feel I have a lot to offer potential employers. Accountancy Learning have been brilliant and I would highly recommend them.

Sue Hook, AAT Foundation Bookkeeping student

The learning materials are great and very easy to use

“I took on some bookkeeping tasks as part of my role as a PA, and wanted a better understanding of what was involved. Although I could use the software to create invoices, log expenses etc I wanted to know the “behind the scenes” stuff.

I chose Accountancy Learning partly because of the choice of support packages and payment plans. Also, I did the free taster course and was very impressed with the online course material.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials are great, and very easy to use. The admin team were always helpful and efficient, and my tutor was a positive encouragement and motivator. Good to know there’s someone there to ask when you’re just not sure!

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

Definitely go for it!”

Aimee Graham, AAT Level 2 Student

They offer great support and tailor to your needs

I already work in an accountancy role so my initial goal when starting my AAT course was to gain/increase my knowledge in accountancy.

I work full time and had to study in my own time, so I chose Accountancy Learning as I felt they offered me the best support and could work around times that suited me best. They were located not far from me, so I took all my exams there as well.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials were simple to use and follow and you can print them out which really helped, so I could read on the go (mainly in my lunch break!).

My tutor was a great support and it was very helpful just being able to send a quick email or arrange phone calls that suited me. I am personally one of those who need a nudge and a push to keep me going and Dawn kept me ploughing on (although it still took me a while to complete!) Thanks Dawn

The admin team were very pleasant and helpful especially when taking my exams.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would definitely recommend using Accountancy Learning to anyone looking to do an AAT course. They offer great support and tailor to your needs. They have great tutors and a helpful admin team.

Folasade Adesanya, Project Accountant

Extraordinary tutors and staff

“An extraordinary school with extraordinary tutors and staff. I have never studied distance learning which feels so close to home. Before joining Accountancy Learning, studying for my final AAT exams was very daunting and overwhelming, not knowing where to start and how to approach my final project with very short deadlines.

All the tutors and staff were so friendly and supportive, giving you step by step guidance and support all the way. Simon Deane’s support was exceptional – the amount of support brought tears to my eyes.

I would highly recommend Accountancy Learning to any student looking for a way into the accountancy profession. Accountancy Learning provides you with the knowledge, support and guidance needed to pass your exams, hence turning a dream into a reality.”

Amanda Johnson, AAT Level 4 Student (1610 Ltd)

They were recommended to me by my manager

My goal was to become MAAT qualified and be able to become a professional. I realised this would not happen straight away and I would need to start my study at the roots with bookkeeping first.

I wanted to be able to study without having to attend a college in a classroom environment. Accountancy Learning was recommended to me by my manager.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials have been really useful. I used Moodle for the bookkeeping module which was really simple and straightforward and the Practice Assessments on Accountancy Learning web page were really useful.

The admin team have always been friendly and helpful with any queries I have had. I have had tutor support from Neil who has been incredibly patient and helpful at all times and I have asked some ‘silly’ questions!!

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

There is no better time to start than today. I was worried that I might struggle, but Antonio has been so helpful.

Pearl Tillyer, AAT Student

A more personal approach

“I had wanted to study AAT for a number of years, but I was looking for the right provider to study with. I looked into attending college in the evening but it was very costly.

As soon as I came across Accountancy learning I knew that they would be the provider for me. The small, friendly team were perfect. I preferred to support a smaller company who would provide a more personal approach, and that’s exactly what I have received.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The Moodle application was so user-friendly and really informative, I didn’t want to use lots of textbooks to study from, as I don’t learn well that way. Their regular mini-tests were perfect for me.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

There is no better time to start than today. I was worried that I might struggle, but Antonio has been so helpful.”

David Goodier, AAT Student

Always there when I needed anything

I found the learning materials to be very good and I found the video tutorials excellent, especially as I could keep re-watching the more difficult parts when I didn’t grasp a topic.

My tutors were also very helpful and always responded to my emails with any queries very quickly. The whole team of Accountancy Learning have all been excellent from start to finish and have helped me which I am very grateful for.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

If you are a distance learner, then I would recommend Accountancy Learning as they have helped me all the way through my course and have always been there when I needed anything. They answered all my questions and took away all the stress allowing me to concentrate on passing all my exams first time.

Jaye Snell, AAT Level 3 Student

Understanding and flexibility has been brilliant

What prompted me to get started with my AAT studies?

Twelve years ago, I passed up the opportunity to undertake my AAT qualification, due to a lack of confidence after a less than favourable time during Secondary school. I was approaching my 30th birthday and felt that it was time to finally make up for the missed opportunity and work towards my ultimate goal of one day working for myself in the capacity of a bookkeeper. I enrolled on the Level 2 Certificate in February 2015, after being so pleased to find Accountancy Learning on my doorstep. Their courses meant that I could study from home in my own time, fitting the qualification around working and managing my M.E, and not have far to travel to take my exams. Their understanding and full flexibility has been brilliant, so much so that it is now January 2017 and I am very proud to have achieved the Level 3 Diploma, eligibility to apply for the new AATQB (qualified bookkeeper status), and the dream of working for myself is firmly within my grasp; all of which would not have been possible without the help and support from all at Accountancy Learning.

I have found the learning materials second to none. The use of the Moodle platform helped with setting learning goals and retaining course information, coupled with practice papers to test, and prepare you for the exams, which were so helpful. All the staff at Accountancy Learning are extremely friendly, efficient, and really want to see you succeed.  Booking exams was a breeze with plenty of availability and tutor support was excellent.

Thinking about starting your AAT journey?

Do it! It may seem a scary prospect but if you are willing to put in the hard work and commitment, the elation of receiving that pass mark is a feeling that cannot be matched.

Tomasz Malinowski, AAT Level 3 Student

I cannot recommend them highly enough

I’ve just completed my AAT Level 2 with Accountancy Learning and I cannot recommend them highly enough. It is the only provider I found that offers real flexibility of learning, excellent online materials and plenty of exercises that helped me to gain confidence in every aspect of the course. With AL, passing the actual AAT exams was really easy! My tutor and all the other staff were outstanding. I’m really looking forward to starting my level 3 course with them.

Sebastian Shapland

I would highly recommend Accountancy Learning

I have found distance learning to be an excellent fit for me, allowing me to structure study around the obstacles of everyday life, going as fast or slow as necessary in order to effectively absorb the subject material. The AAT course has given me a solid foundation in the principles of accountancy and qualification that is valued by employers. Accountancy Learning have made the process of gaining the qualification very manageable.

I had already completed AAT Level 2 and the Level 3 Computer Based Tests when I contacted Accountancy Learning in order to complete the Level 3 Projects. I found them very helpful, they made the process of enrolling and getting started with study very easy.  Their quick turnaround of work, marking practice and live assessments very quickly, has consistently impressed me. This allowed me to prepare for assessments quite quickly. When the time came to start Level 4 I decided to re-enroll with Accountancy Learning, once again the whole process was very easy.

I would highly recommend Accountancy Learning for any student looking to gain an AAT Qualification through distance learning.  They have always been forthcoming whenever I have required support, answering any queries very quickly, and really making sure I was prepared for the project assessments.

Sintija Ruza, AAT Level 3 Student

They are always there when you need them

After working in hospitality for many years and finding myself interested in the financial side of the business I decided to turn my life around by beginning my career in accountancy and I can honestly say Accountancy Learning was the best choice. After trying out their free Basic Bookkeeping Taster course and understanding the idea of studies I had no more doubts. They were helpful from day one when I was simply exploring my options and enquiring about courses, not to mention that going forward they also pointed me the right direction with the job search. I have finished Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping and now I’m studying towards Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting which only makes me want to achieve more and more!

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

Accountancy Learning is always there when you need them. I am fairly independent student but Emma (my tutor) was great. She was very encouraging and made me feel really confident about my knowledge. Every single person I came across whilst studying has been not only helpful but also simply pleasant to be around. All the learning materials are great, especially presentations for each module. Prior to beginning my studies I was scared about being able to keep up with the all specifics of the course as English isn’t my native language but they have really made it all so easy.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?  

Don’t be scared and do it! The thought of University didn’t appeal to me but I was also scared about studying independently. All I can say, it is not hard at all! You get to choose where, when and how much you want to study. The best feeling is that you know you’re doing it all for yourself and trust me you won’t notice how quickly you will get through all the modules and pass your exams. If you’re having doubts which training provider should you choose, well that’s easy – Accountancy Learning is the one!

Blair Lamond, AAT Foundation (L2) in Accounting Student

The learning materials were perfect to get you started

I was aiming to get through the Foundation Certificate in Accounting course in less than a year.  I had checked online reviews to try and help me to choose the best training provider and the majority were pointing towards Accountancy Learning.

My tutor Dawn was always available to either speak on the phone or over email.  She was able to provide answers to any questions I had, whether they were regarding the units within the course or just general admin.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials were perfect to get you started with the AAT.  They are detailed but have been split into manageable sections that don’t scare you off!

Any practice assessments that you need marked will be marked within 24 hours.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would recommend starting with Accountancy Learning.  They are able to adapt to your pace of learning, whether you are trying to get through it quickly or take your time.

Hayley Dillon, AAT Foundation (L2) Student

My questions were always answered when I needed them

My goal was to complete the entry AAT Level 2 to confirm this is the career path I want to take. Having started working at 17 (as I had never been academic!) I wanted to challenge myself to know I was capable of learning a new skill, now I have completed this I can go on to further educate and equip myself with the qualifications to enable me to work for myself one day.

I chose Accountancy Learning based on the way in which you learn and the cost of the course is competitive.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

Moodle is a great way to learn if you are new to Bookkeeping & Accounts, videos are set out really simply and the voice over is very clear and easy to take in. My questions were always answered when I needed them and I didn’t wait long for a response, Antonio was really helpful getting me set up and my tutor was great. She explained my errors on progress tests in ways helping me understand why and where I had gone wrong so I could overcome them.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of content, I looked at it all and it felt impossible home learning around a full time job and day to day life tasks. Portion it out and take each section as its own, and overcome it.

Sam McGibbon, AAT Foundation (L2) Student

The learning materials were perfect for my needs

When I started my Level 2 qualification with AAT I wanted to complete it in a timely manner using a learning method which best suited me. I chose Accountancy Learning as the learning methods best suited my needs.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials were perfect for my needs – I work full time and lead a busy life, so being able to pick my studies up whenever I had the spare time using the online Moodle was perfect. The tutor support was very efficient, my tutor Jenna was also very prompt in her responses and I never had to wait long to get my practice exam results back. She genuinely cares about your results, making sure to check in with you after exams.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

Make sure you take your time and go through all the materials available. Take advantage of the online Moodle and tutor support available. I would highly recommend using Accountancy Learning as a provider.

Jack Whiting AAT Level 4 Student

They tailor their approach to your needs

My main goal when starting out on my AAT course was to gain a respectable qualification that would demonstrate to my employer my commitment to the profession and help progress my career in accountancy.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials presented the information in a clear and easy to understand fashion. The in-chapter activities were an excellent way of testing your understanding of the topic and helping you to retain the information by putting it into practice. The question banks furthered this with sample assessments that prepared you for the live exam. Accountancy Learning made it very easy for me to study at my own pace and in my own style while having helpful support on hand if I needed it.

My tutor was very friendly and helpful. She made sure to email me if she hadn’t heard from me in a while to see how I was getting on and always replied promptly whenever I had any questions.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

The AAT is an excellent qualification for someone looking to start out in accountancy. Accountancy Learning tailor their approach to your needs so there is helpful support on hand if you need it but no pressure if you’re happy to study in your own time and style.

Sam Howard AAT, Level 4 Student (Thomas Westcott)

The support I have received has been second to none

“When I started my AAT course, I was looking to gain a professional qualification, transferrable skills and gain confidence in a working environment.

Working with Accountancy Learning and Thomas Westcott has helped me to achieve all of these goals and more. Thanks to Accountancy Learning’s support through my exams, I have been able to achieve my goals and increase the amount of responsibility I have in the office.”

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

“The support I have received from my tutor has been second to none. All the staff at Accountancy Learning are friendly, helpful and understanding. There is a wealth of advice and material on the virtual learning environment, which, in conjunction with the Level 3 textbooks, has been invaluable in my distance learning.”

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

“If you are looking to start with AAT, the best advice I can give is to dive in and work hard. If you are comfortable with distance learning, then you can get as much support as you need from Accountancy Learning – I have felt entirely looked after as an individual and as a student.”

Jay Peermahomud, Accounts Manager, M6 Commercials

Always a tutor on hand when you need one

“I approached Accountancy Learning for tuition for the AAT level 2 qualification, as I currently work in an accounts department of a rapidly growing group of Companies, and I was feeling a little out of my depth regarding my accountancy knowledge.  Although I was ‘inputting’ the financial data onto the Company accounts, and carrying out the routine financial tasks, I was unsure why I was doing so and what else could be done with this information.  The Company is also looking into the future job role of a Financial Director due to its rapid growth.  If I was to apply for this position, I would need to be suitably qualified.  AAT is my first step in reaching this goal.

The method of learning via Accountancy Learning’s online ‘Moodle’ was actually very easy; everything you need to study for the CBA or CBT in question is thoroughly explained through easy to follow sessions, which you can go back on should there be any areas which you do not quite understand the first time around.  There is always a tutor on hand when you need one during working hours, and sometimes after working hours via email!  The team are very hardworking and keen to resolve any issues or questions thrown at them as soon as possible.  I have never felt like I was alone throughout this whole process, as Accountancy Learning has been easy to reach via email or telephone whenever I have needed support.

Through learning AAT level 2 via distance learning with Accountancy Learning, I am now much more confident with my approach to my work and actually feel like the hard word is all worth the end result.  I have a much more in-depth understanding of my role as Accounts Manager and can provide my Director with financial or management reports when needed. I can also make recommendations to him regarding the running of the Business which were previously beyond my understanding.  I feel like I am actually on track in achieving my goal as being Financial Director for the current Company which I am employed in, and having just passed AAT level 2 has done wonders for my confidence and professional ambitions.  I would definitely recommend Accountancy Learning as a distance learning provider for AAT training for anybody who wishes to follow the same career path as myself.  I am truly thankful.”

Keith Sedgwick

If you’re looking for the personal touch…

From the moment they first answered the phone, to when they signed off my project, Accountancy Learning couldn’t have been more friendly and more helpful. Nothing seemed too much to ask of them and they did everything they could to make sure I achieved my goal. I cannot thank Accountancy Learning enough for the support given and I know I couldn’t have achieved full AAT qualification without them. So, If you are looking for the personal touch, Accountancy Learning is for you.

Sarah Ironmonger, AAT Level 2 Student

I really love this course and the materials

I would just like to say I really love this course and the materials.  I’ve always preferred learning out of books until now – the lessons are brilliant and I love the quiz’s and activities.  They really help to reinforce learning.  So thank you!

Simon Hanbidge-Moore, Sales Administrator

I felt engaged as an individual with them

When considering a return to education to re-train in Accountancy, a colleague recommended Accountancy Learning for distance learning. I found Simon, Prue & the team to be welcoming & approachable; I went ahead & completed AAT Levels 2, 3 & 4 with them.

It was my first time using distance learning & I was surprised by how well I could fit study around home life & full time working hours. The learning resources were great; I had very few queries over the three courses & when I did, there was always help at the end of the phone or a prompt reply to an email. My Practice Assessments were always quickly marked with informative feedback & I found the schedule in the learning plan to be realistically achievable.

I felt engaged as an individual with them, rather than feeling as one of many students. I would recommend Accountancy Learning & will continue to use distance learning again for my future needs.

Angharad Evans

The online and telephone support has been faultless

I contacted Accountancy Learning via their internet site to research training providers for my AAT. My inquiry was followed up straight away with a phone call from Simon who was incredibly helpful, informative and professional. He sent me all the information I required straight away and went through the details with me as a follow-up email. The online learning system that is used is brilliantly laid out and easy to learn from. I picked up the concept of Double Entry bookkeeping straight away after having no previous experience of the subject.

The online and telephone support has been faultless and encouragement from Simon, Prue and Emma has been great. Say Thanks to Prue as well – she has the best voice ever.

I haven’t studied for twenty years so was quite daunted at first but the team at Accountancy Learning were so supportive and knowledgeable and friendly I knew I’d made completely the right decision in choosing them for my training provider.

April Mart, Managing Director ADM Finance Ltd


We could not have done it without you!

Accountancy Learning have been supporting my apprentice for the last three years while she has been studying for AAT accountancy qualifications.  In that time the Accountancy Learning Team gave both my apprentice and myself all the guidance, advice and moral support we needed on our journey and this resulted in passes for 2 levels of AAT exams.  Thank you Accountancy Learning we could not have done it without you!

We are very grateful to Simon and his team who always gave us the right level of direction and encouragement and freely shared their high level of expertise in nurturing my student through the maze of learning modules.  Help was always on hand when needed and the online support was particularly useful if we encountered any problems.

The learning timetable was individually structured to fit in with our requirements and regularly reviewed and revised.  When the going got tough particularly towards the end, the team pulled out all the stops to get my student over the finishing line.

I would be happy to recommend Accountancy Learning to anyone considering studying for Accountancy qualifications.  Not only did my apprentice gain good exam passes I also learnt a few extra skills along the way!

Tony Paine, Chalmers HB Chartered Accountants, Wells

Initial assessment tools provided

Like any employer, our recruitment decisions are critical and in the past, we have been guilty of taking on people who interview well and the CV looks good.  This has resulted in a number of inevitably costly mistakes.

We now use as standard the initial assessment tools provided by Accountancy Learning as part of our recruitment process; this provides objective feedback which is at times surprising. For anyone coming for 2nd interview, we also use their personality profiling system to match the profile of the individual to the profile of the job. This is simply excellent in assessing suitability and is very quick and easy to organise.

Graham Clayton, Programme Manager – BA Accounting and Finance degree Plymouth University

Clear understanding of what it takes

Simon has been a strong supporter of the University for many years now, giving invaluable, and very practical, careers advice to our students.
This clear understanding of what it takes to be an accountant is reflected in the innovative and imaginative learning materials that the creative team at Accountancy Learning, lead by Prue Deane, have developed over the years.

Gaynor O’Dell, Human Resources Manager, Albert Goodman, Chartered Accountants

Immediately benefit from their effectiveness

For a number of years, we have used Accountancy Learning’s distance learning bookkeeping course as part of our induction programme for all new recruits. This has allowed our school-leaver intake to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to commence their AAT studies this September at level 3, rather than spend a year completing level 2. This not only fast tracks their career progress, but also enables our business to immediately benefit from their increased effectiveness.

Charles Chandler, Manager, AC Moles & Sons

An enjoyable and complete learning experience

I have progressed from a trainee accountant who at the time had no experience in the accountancy profession to a qualified Chartered Accountant who is now in a position to advise many clients and businesses on all aspects of their affairs and help them make sound business decisions. I would recommend training with Accountancy Learning as the knowledge and professionalism of their staff makes for an enjoyable and complete learning experience.

Louise Jones, Senior Manager, Hodgsons Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

A very professional and a very personal service

Accountancy Learning have supported our AAT and ACA training for a number of years now. The training they give is always flexed to the needs of our students and the office and they provide both a very professional and a very personal service. As well as valuing the training they deliver our students, they are always available to give advice and guidance on our training policy and display a sound understanding of the needs of our business.

We have been really pleased with our AAT exam success rates with Accountancy Learning. They have been consistently excellent.

Robert Zelazik, Partner at AC Mole & Sons, Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers

Simon has been providing training and advice to our firm since 1984 and has been responsible for the training of many of our existing qualified staff. He always provides both practical and impartial advice on all aspects of our training needs, especially AAT. The training that the Accountancy Learning team provide is effective and its flexibility suits our requirements down to the ground. They care and we care that they care.

Beth Clifford, Trainee Accountant, Bibbys Accountants

Enjoyable and complete learning experience

I have progressed from a trainee accountant who at the time had no experience in the accountancy profession to a qualified Chartered Accountant who is now in a position to advise many clients and businesses on all aspects of their affairs and help them make sound business decisions. I would recommend training with Accountancy Learning as the knowledge and professionalism of their staff makes for an enjoyable and complete learning experience.

Martin Lock, Partner PKF Francis Clark

A flexible and innovative approach

“We have found Accountancy Learning’s flexible and innovative approach has allowed us to recruit and train exceptionally able staff more effectively than would have been feasible in a more traditional, college-based, environment”.

Laura Rider, AAT Level 4 Student

They really helped me focus on my goals.

My goal was to complete AAT to Level 4. I chose Accountancy Learning upon researching providers as they seemed like a friendly and easily approachable company and were the best on Price!

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

I worked very well with the learning materials, they were very easy to understand and follow. My tutor was always helpful when answering questions and marking my work. I feel Accountancy Learning really helped me focus on working towards my goals.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would definitely recommend AAT and Accountancy Learning to anyone wanting to do distance learning. Everything is so flexible and you can work at your own pace and only go for the exams when you are ready.

Jess Teasdale, Accounts Assistant Beaumont Accountancy

You can’t determine where you start in life…

I chose distance learning as I work a 38 hour week in a busy department. My employer found it too time-consuming for me to be out of the office for a whole day during busy periods. Personally, this has benefited me more due to the fact that on day release, I was in a class of 45 and found it difficult to comprehend what was been taught due to disruptions and other pupils interrupting my one-on-one time with the tutor. One of the main benefits of doing distance learning for me is I can study in a time and place that suits me. I know my tutor is always available to help me either by email, phone or text. I have found that since switching, I have a greater understanding of the subjects and benefit during our one to one sessions discussing exams and my personal study plans. My tutor helped me identify my weaknesses and strengths in order to make a plan to help me achieve the best from my time. I find the training very easy to follow and the team very approachable.

Everything is available when I need it and overall, this has helped boost my confidence and the way in which I approach the new subjects ahead. The online games and apps available were a major help. My tutor showed me the online website to where I can access tests and games to test my knowledge which were useful in the run-up to exams. I also downloaded the app for my phone, again this was good to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. I found the app fun and highly addictive, as did other members of my office not studying. I would suggest to anyone to do distance learning as my experience with it has been nothing but positive. I enjoy the approach to learning and how it’s delivered to me. I also like the idea of been “listened” to no matter how big or small my query is.

All in all, I wouldn’t change my tutor for the world :):)

Jess Teasdale
Accounts Assistant - Beaumont Accountancy

Sue Beverton, Portfolio Manager Bibby’s Chartered Accountants

Accountancy Learning are always available to help

Accountancy Learning provide support for students who are undertaking accountancy training under distance learning and flexible apprenticeships. Students have to be motivated to study independently but Accountancy Learning, together with ourselves, are always available to help whenever the student has any questions.

The fact that Beth has not had to attend weekly workshops has meant that we have not lost a huge amount of chargeable time. A previous student attended a day release course and their absence each week was surprisingly disruptive.

You have to be motivated to do the course. The way the training course resources and support is provided, supports this clear focus. The emphasis is on Beth, the learner, not them, the teacher. The ability and motivation for continuous learning is crucial and this is what the Accountancy Learning programme provides.

Sue Beverton
Portfolio Manager Bibby’s Chartered Accountants