AATQB Bookkeeping Bundle PLUS Sage – Self-Study EXTRA Package


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The AATQB course can be undertaken by those with no prior experience. It can also be undertaken by those with experience who wish to have their skills recognised. Our AATQB Bundle consists of:
  • AAT Foundation (Level 2) Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • AAT Advanced (Level 3) Certificate in Bookkeeping
The AATQB Bundle PLUS Sage consists of:
  • Both qualifications as shown above, AND
  • AAT Foundation (Level 2) Award in Accounting Software
The Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping introduces you to manual double entry bookkeeping up to Trial Balance stage. The AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Software (using Sage) will give you the practical skills needed in the industry. The foundation award includes entering accounting transactions and producing reports within a computerised accounting software package. The Advanced Certificate teaches you how to prepare manual final accounts for sole traders and partnerships and complete VAT returns. Upon completion of the AAT Foundation and Advanced Certificates in Bookkeeping, you can apply to become an AAT Associate Bookkeeper. You will then gain the designatory letters AATQB after your name. You can also apply to become a Licensed Bookkeeper, allowing you to become a self-employed Bookkeeper. Up until 2016, to be able to ‘practice’, you had to complete the full AAT qualification up to Level 4, and apply to be a Member in Practice (MIP). NOW, you can achieve an AAT Level 3 (Advanced) qualification which will allow you to practice as an AAT Qualified Bookkeeper. You can then put AATQB after your name! For more information about how to apply for Associate Bookkeeper Membership (AATQB), please click here, (AAT website). For those who don’t feel they need tutor support, this package includes all course materials (as well as answers to the practice papers) to allow self-study and marking of your own work. It does not include any AAT registration fees or exam/admin fees