Star Student August 2019: Tamsin Mead

Personal Tutor: Catherine

I started working for Briants Chartered Accountants a number of years ago, as the receptionist at their Falmouth office.  In July 2018 the opportunity arose for the practice to take on a Trainee.  Being offered the chance to expand my knowledge by studying for an AAT qualification, was a bit daunting at first, was I too old to go back to studying!

I am pleased to say that with the help and support of my work colleagues and the Accountancy Learning team, I am now nearing the completion of my level 3 course.

The distance learning style has enabled me to remain an active member in a number of local organisations.  When I am not studying I can be found organising Brownie crafts and activities or helping out with the local agricultural show.

Catherine said:

Despite her natural concerns about getting back into studies after so long away from them, it has worked out well for Tamsin and she has blossomed. This has been through a mix of enthusiasm, application, perseverance….and of course ability! Her consistent and steady approach to her studies has meant that she has been able to maintain her involvement in local organisations, including Brownies and the agricultural show and is scheduled to complete her Level 3 Apprenticeship spot on her planned end date and then progress to Level 4.