The support they provide is truly tremendous

When I started the AAT course, I did not have any set goals in mind apart from the fact that to help me through this accounting journey (which I enjoy thoroughly), having a qualification will not only make it easier for me but will also help me in part of this journey. Accountancy Learning suited the job in which I do as they support the Distance Learning which I need whilst I’m working full time. This means I can work as well as study in my spare time – at first I was quite unsure about distance learning but the support they have given me through this makes me enjoy studying AAT which is really important for me and I cannot have found a better provider to do this course with.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning support Accountancy Learning provide is truly tremendous, not only do they have a great online site, which goes through every module individually, but each subject comes with a video explaining every little thing in detail as well as mini tests – these really enhance on what you have just learnt. However, although the website is helpful on its own, the support from the tutors at Accountancy Learning is hands down genuinely valuable. Even when you have one set tutor there to help you, any one you speak to in the team will always help, including if you need feedback when you submit coursework

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

First of all, Good Luck. Secondly, if you do like learning in your own time or work full time and need to do an AAT course, having a Training Provider such as Accountancy Learning will be the best investment you’ll have to make, they will honestly support you through each part of the journey and provide the help you need at any time.