I’m so pleased I used Accountancy Learning

“After many years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life I finally decided that I wanted to be an accountant. I did some research and found that the best course of action was to do an AAT and discovered Accountancy Learning as a great learning provider.

I started the AAT Level 2 in January 2014 and found myself to be flying through the material and exams. I completed the course in under 6 months and then went onto completing Level 3 in another 6 months. I am now studying Level 4, as well having a 4 month old baby, with only 4 exams left to go.

Accountancy Learning was so helpful with providing me with the help and support that I needed and were always there for me; especially when I decided that I had some very last minute questions (usually the day of an exam!)

I recently found a job, which was perfect for me: Bookkeeper/Accounts Assistant at a local accountants. I sent my CV for review to Accountancy Learning and after some amendments was able to land myself the job. I’m so pleased that I used Accountancy Learning as my learning provider as I can’t imagine another company helping me the way they did. Thanks everyone, I couldn’t have done it without you!”