You can’t determine where you start in life…

I chose distance learning as I work a 38 hour week in a busy department. My employer found it too time-consuming for me to be out of the office for a whole day during busy periods. Personally, this has benefited me more due to the fact that on day release, I was in a class of 45 and found it difficult to comprehend what was been taught due to disruptions and other pupils interrupting my one-on-one time with the tutor. One of the main benefits of doing distance learning for me is I can study in a time and place that suits me. I know my tutor is always available to help me either by email, phone or text. I have found that since switching, I have a greater understanding of the subjects and benefit during our one to one sessions discussing exams and my personal study plans. My tutor helped me identify my weaknesses and strengths in order to make a plan to help me achieve the best from my time. I find the training very easy to follow and the team very approachable.

Everything is available when I need it and overall, this has helped boost my confidence and the way in which I approach the new subjects ahead. The online games and apps available were a major help. My tutor showed me the online website to where I can access tests and games to test my knowledge which were useful in the run-up to exams. I also downloaded the app for my phone, again this was good to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. I found the app fun and highly addictive, as did other members of my office not studying. I would suggest to anyone to do distance learning as my experience with it has been nothing but positive. I enjoy the approach to learning and how it’s delivered to me. I also like the idea of been “listened” to no matter how big or small my query is.

All in all, I wouldn’t change my tutor for the world :):)