I would not have got there without Accountancy Learning

“My original goal was to complete Level 2.   I had the opportunity of studying AAT about 10 years but thought it was beyond my capabilities and didn’t give it a second thought.  Back in 2015 my employer offered me the chance to study for Level 2 and this time I relished the challenge.

I enjoyed it so much I continued on to Level 3 which I have now also passed and feel really proud of my achievements although without Accountancy Learning I would not have got there.

Accountancy Learning was the training provider used by a local company and although we had so many problems with this company (not turning up for exams twice, vacating their premises with no notice, etc, etc) Accountancy Learning was the one stable part of our training.  They stood true to their word and continued our studies even though they were probably out of pocket and I am really grateful to them.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

I found all the learning materials really useful.  A colleague at work is using a different provider and receives nothing like this so she is changing to Accountancy Learning for her Level 4.  The admin team are always friendly and helpful, as is the tutor support.  You never feel like you are on your own.

I also found that the personal phone call from Prue at the start of my training, explaining how the training worked was so helpful.  That personal touch made a big difference and gave me so much more confidence.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would say to definitely go to Accountancy Learning for your training as your first stop!  Secondly, don’t try to understand the workings of double entry and debits and credits.  As it states in the training, it’s been like that for thousands of years and it works so just accept it.  That was the best advice I was given and allowed me to continue and understand it all.

Thirdly just enjoy it.  I’m now 53 and should have done this years ago but I think being older I could enjoy it more and for me the satisfaction of passing each exam and sense of achievement is greater each time as it does get harder to study the older you get.”