Caitlin Churchward has just completed her AAT Level 4 Apprenticeship (having also completed her AAT Level 3 Apprenticeship with us).

Here is what she had to say:

“Upon finishing my GCSE’s I was excited to move on from full time education and was interested in the apprenticeship route whereby I could gain a new qualification as well as gain work experience.

I was employed by Total Repair Service Ltd, a building contractor who specialise in insurance repairs. They offered me an accountancy apprenticeship and the chance to work along-side the company secretary, which helped me gain responsibility and trust in my work environment.

Accountancy Learning has provided me with both the independence to work to my own schedule and capability as well as offer the support of my tutor when I have struggled.

I have now completed my professional synoptic and am awaiting my results and have completed my portfolio with a competent result from the AAT. Without the support that I have received I really don’t believe I would have had the motivation to push through those difficult units so I am extremely grateful for my tutors help and persistence.”

Caitlin has since received her synoptic exam results and passed and so has successfully completed her Level 4 Apprenticeship and become a full member of AAT, able to add MAAT after her name.