They offer great support and tailor to your needs

I already work in an accountancy role so my initial goal when starting my AAT course was to gain/increase my knowledge in accountancy.

I work full time and had to study in my own time, so I chose Accountancy Learning as I felt they offered me the best support and could work around times that suited me best. They were located not far from me, so I took all my exams there as well.

How did you find the learning materials, admin team and tutor support?

The learning materials were simple to use and follow and you can print them out which really helped, so I could read on the go (mainly in my lunch break!).

My tutor was a great support and it was very helpful just being able to send a quick email or arrange phone calls that suited me. I am personally one of those who need a nudge and a push to keep me going and Dawn kept me ploughing on (although it still took me a while to complete!) Thanks Dawn

The admin team were very pleasant and helpful especially when taking my exams.

What would you say to someone looking to start out on their AAT journey?

I would definitely recommend using Accountancy Learning to anyone looking to do an AAT course. They offer great support and tailor to your needs. They have great tutors and a helpful admin team.