Star Student January 2021: Tom Shimell

Personal Tutor: Pat

I have recently completed AAT Level 3 with Accountancy Learning and have now started Level 4.

In January 2019 while still working full time in Hospitality Management, I started Level 2. Having worked in the Hospitality industry for the past 20 years, I could see the industry changing. With the collapse of some of Hospitality’s more well-known names, I decided it was time to re-assess my future direction and look at what interested me, to change my career. The past 2 years of hard work have paid off, as I completed the AAT Level 2 and 3 both with Distinctions. I started a new job in October 2020 with a Flooring Construction Company in their finance department enabling me to use the accounting skills learned.

I have been very well supported throughout all my studies by Pat. She has always been happy to answer my questions and explain areas I was struggling with. I look forward to completing my Level 4 with her support and knowledge.

Pat said:

Tom has been an excellent student throughout Level 3 and is a really effective learner. He takes the trouble to analyse his results after every prep test or practice assessment and feeds back to me his mistakes and how he should have answered the questions. This has allowed him to learn quickly from his mistakes and remember what he has learned. He was very close to achieving a Distinction grade overall when he took his final Indirect Tax exam but his mark wasn’t quite high enough. Rather than accepting a Merit he took the exam again a week later and improved his mark significantly, ensuring that he will achieve a Distinction overall for the Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Tom has already progressed to Level 4 with the intention of doing his best to achieve a Distinction grade in that course also.