Star Student February 2024: Samiyah Ashton

Personal Tutor: Michael

I wanted to achieve a qualification in accounting, having worked in accounts doing bookkeeping for 4 years, but I didn’t know where to start.

I applied for an apprenticeship at Paul Steele Chartered Accountants, where I have now worked for a year whilst doing my AAT level 2 bookkeeping and Level 3 accounting.

My tutors have been there for me from the start, answering all my questions and giving me the guidance to achieve my best on the course. I only have 2 exams left and I will have completed my Level 3.

I am a very busy person with 2 kids, 2 jobs and dancing in my spare time. Accountancy learning have made it possible for me to complete the course by being so flexible and allowing me to work at my pace and take my exams when I am ready.

Michael said:

Samiyah is a regular to the weekly College Day, often first to arrive and last to leave. She makes full use of the tutors on-site and works through all the materials in depth to the point where she often spots errors in them. She scores very well in exams and with all the other out-of-work commitments she has, it makes the dedication to her studies is even more impressive. Keep it up Samiyah!