Star Student December 2019: Matthew Boddy

Personal Tutor: Chrissy

I have been an AAT apprentice with Thomas Westcott since the summer of 2017. I initially started on the Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping Course, and I have now progressed onto Level 4. Being an apprentice has allowed me to broaden my understanding of key concepts by learning them via the AAT syllabus, before applying them to real-life situations encountered at work. Moreover, the support I have received from Accountancy Learning throughout the process has been brilliant and has ensured that I am always on track. The AAT has given me a really good base to build a career upon, not only from the financial aspect, but also soft skills such as letter and email writing, and I hope to pursue further studies in the future.

Chrissy said:

I had heard a lot of positive comments about Matthew even before I became his tutor; not just about the high scores he was achieving, but his lovely personality and his ability to connect well with the AL team and fellow students. Therefore, I knew I would have no problems with Matthew when I took over his tutorship from his previous tutor. Matthew is a delight to tutor, his papers are of a very high quality and I enjoy providing feedback with the knowledge that Matthew really appreciates and learns from my feedback. FSLC was a super unit to support Matthew through as he was showing such enthusiasm and understanding on how to take key learnings into his everyday role – it was wonderful to see Matthew pass the exam with 94%. Matthew is clearly a strong student and it is great to be a part of Matthews learning journey, – keep up the good work Matthew!