Other Useful Information​

In this section we will cover other useful information that you might find helpful if you’re doing a ‘quick browse’ e.g. 

  • E-Learning Demo
  • How long your course might take
  • Resources you will need

E-Learning demo (video to show how our Moodle platform and resources work)

If you are considering enrolling onto a course, one of many questions you may well ask yourself “What learning materials will I receive, will I like them?”

When deciding on which training provider you choose, it’s definitely something to bear in min.

To give you an idea of what our materials look like and how they work, please click on the image below to see a quick demo.

If you would like to try out the materials for yourself, you can request access to our FREE “Try Before You Buy” course here

How long will my course take?

How long your course will take really hinges on how many hours each week (on average) you are able to devote to your studies

For Example: if you enrol on the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping, studying for 6 hours a week (on average) should see you completing this qualification within approximately 4½ months. If you can study for 8 hours a week, it’s likely to take around 3 months and if you’re able to squeeze in 15 hours per week, you should be done and dusted within a couple of months.

For more information about course durations for each AAT qualification, please click here

Resources you will need

  • Computer (or laptop or mobile device)
  • Access to the internet – essential in order to access our online learning site. 
  • Access to a printer – whilst this is not absolutely essential, many students like to print out activities, progress tests and practice assessments in order to hand write their answers.
  • A Calculator!