Prue Deane BA MSc Cert Ed FMAAT

Prue Deane

I started out as a professional illustrator (13 years in London) and then moved into training, which I have been involved with for the past 18 years, a lot of that time with Accountancy Plus Training, (previously SWAT Training). During that time (as well as teaching and assessing AAT), I was particularly interested in learning development, which led to my involvement with the DfES Standards Unit project (differentiation and e-learning) as well as a host of other e-learning projects (e-Guides, CEL Connect, Realise and WBL Xplorer).

I achieved my Certificate in Education (2003), Postgraduate Certificate in Subject Learning Coaching (2006), Masters in Educational Research (2006) and MAAT (2007); (FMAAT 2012). My work with Accountancy Learning includes ‘a bit of most things’! e.g. development of learning materials, personal tutor support, assessing, marketing, general operational routines – not forgetting of course, very important tasks such as doing my share with the bins and making cups of tea!

In my spare time (although I struggle to remember what that is…), I enjoy catching up with the children and family, gardening, sport (gym and Badminton), painting/drawing and being given the ‘run around’ by our 4 cats (and I’ve just inherited another 4 cats (Bengals) from my daughter!)