Neil Montgomery



I have  been a member of the AAT for 25 years and am the latest recipient of the coveted ‘Past Presidents’ award. I spent my formative accounting years, in practice, in Yeovil, before moving into the Charity sector where I spent eight years working in the local theatre, and two children’s charities. I moved into the FE/HE sector 11 years ago where I subsequently managed all AAT/Sage and A Level accounting programmes in a large south west college. I then joined the Accountancy Learning team in the summer of 2014!

I have sat on the AAT Council and various ad-hoc boards during my time in education and have worked with the AAT to bring about supportive changes for students and lecturers alike.

I like baking and I also like attending sports events with my daughter (particularly cricket at Somerset). Sadly, I like accounting too.

We’re delighted to add that in May 2017, Neil won the AATs Lifetime Achievement Award (AAT Tutor)!

My Motto:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

“Failure is not an option” (Gene Krantz, Apollo 13 Director)