Steve Ainsworth MAAT

Steve Ainsworth

Having started my career as an apprentice at a cake distribution organisation at the age of 16, I gained experience in each of their different departments. But after settling in the finance department I knew my future would be in accounts. I completed my AAT studies in 2004 after taking my final level 3 and 4 exams in the same week! I remained in the distribution industry for most of my career gaining experience in managing accounts, customer service and distribution departments along with improving processes and systems along the way. That was until I was provided with an opportunity to deliver the AAT qualification to apprentices. This was an offer I could not refuse. I have been teaching AAT for the past 6 years and I have found this to be the most rewarding job (if that is what you can call it) I have had. Knowing that I have helped young (and old) students to fulfil their potential and ambitions is extremely enjoyable. I will endeavour to continue my level of support for students; we all need help to succeed at times!

I have recently moved to Devon from Manchester with my family. My two girls keep me feeling young whilst entertaining my geekiness for new technology and reading. Coming from Manchester I have a love of music and football, the second has waned over recent years along with the team I support. I love camping, which is something we all enjoy as a family, but I wouldn’t recommend camping at Shell Island during November!

Being a bit of a geek I really like to incorporate this into how I deliver the AAT. I am always on the lookout for emerging technologies and methods to bring excitement to the way Accountancy is delivered. I believe I have come to the right place for this with the team we have here.