Is distance learning as effective?

Is Distance Learning as effective as traditional face to face teaching?

There are many studies indicating that distance learning can be as effective (if not more so) than the traditional classroom format, provided that the methods are appropriate to the teaching tasks, there is learner-tutor interaction, and the tutors provide students with appropriate and timely feedback.

Time to properly prepare before you sit the exam:

We have always used progress tests and practice assessments for submission to us for marking and feedback. On a taught course, exams have to be planned into the teaching timetable, on a set day. If you haven’t submitted your practice assessment, you will still want to sit the exam to avoid being left behind. You may well scrape through, but have you really learnt the material properly and will this undermine future studies and work performance? On a distance learning course, you have the flexibility and time to submit all of your progress tests (potentially more than once!) until you are comfortable that you really know the subject and will pass the exam with flying colours!

Feedback when YOU need it:

Real example: Saturday 24 May 2014:

  • 16.12: Henry emails his completed Level 3 Accounts Preparation Practice Assessment 1
  • 17.05: Simon has marked it and emails it back with feedback
  • 17.26: Henry phones up for a “telephone tutorial”. He discusses the feedback with Simon on the few areas where he went wrong. He agrees to email over Practice Assessment 2 on Monday, for feedback on Tuesday. He hopes to sit the exam over the next 10 days.

What learning materials does Accountancy Learning provide?

This is covered in ‘What learning materials will I receive?’ – simply click on the relevant link opposite, or click here.