Basic Bookkeeping Taster Courses

Want to try before you buy? Start a Basic Bookkeeping course FREE today!

We offer two Basic Bookkeeping Taster Courses:

– a ‘Mini-Taster’ absolutely FREE – a full Bookkeeping Taster course for just £4.99

The ‘Mini Taster’ covers the first session of the full Taster course. For access to either of these courses, please complete the form on the right and we will get in touch with your login details.

What does the Bookkeeping Taster Course Include?

  • Useful downloadable ‘aide memoires’ to help you with the course
  • Interactive presentations with voiceovers and end of session quizzes
  • Downloadable presentation transcripts
  • Downloadable activities and answers
  • And finally, a downloadable Progress Test at the end to test your learning.

An extra bonus!

Our students use the Basic Bookkeeping course as an introduction to their AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping/AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, so if you start your Basic Bookkeeping course today you will have actually started your AAT journey!

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Free Basic Bookkeeping Taster Course - Session One

The topics covered included in the Basic Bookkeeping Taster Course include:

  • Glossary of accounting terms
  • Double entry bookkeeping and the use of ledgers
  • Dealing with debits and credits
  • Introduction to T-accounts
  • Balancing off T-accounts in the ledgers
  • The dual effect for sales and purchases
  • The Trial Balance

If you are thinking about a career in accounting or starting an AAT course, it’s a big step to take.

Do you ever ask:

  • Will accounting be for me – will I enjoy it?
  • What if the learning materials provided don’t match my preferred learning style?
  • Will I find accounting too hard?

These questions, (added to the cost and time commitment needed), may put you off making a decision.

The Basic Bookkeeping Mini-Taster Course includes the first session of the above course, just to give you a taste of the taster (supermarkets do this so we thought we’d try!)!

So, before making the ‘big leap’, why not ‘test drive’ our Basic Bookkeeping Taster courses for just £4.99 or even for FREE!

For access to either of these courses, please complete the form on the top right and we will be in touch shortly with your login details.