Recruitment Advice and Guidance

Simon has been involved in training since 1984. In fact he got involved in the internal training of Thomson McLintock (now KPMG) whilst he was still undertaking his ACA studies. He has therefore seen an awful lot of students start on their accountancy careers and progress – with varying degrees of success. Some don’t make it but most do and some do very well indeed. A number of our clients were trained and/or counselled by us when they started off. Despite that, they’re still clients!?!

The reason for that paragraph of platitudes is to underline the fact that we have “been there, done that”. We are well placed to advise on both training and recruitment matters – that is, for the recruitment of trainees. We avoid recruitment of part or fully qualifieds because of the potential conflict of interest as a trainer, although we are happy to advise on recruitment agencies for you to contact directly.

If you are looking to take on a new trainee and would like advice on the recruitment process and the training options, let us know and Simon will contact you to discuss your requirements.


The following links (headings) will take you to information on our support on different stages of this recruitment process:

Placement Service

Potential students contact us directly looking for careers in accounting. Where appropriate, we will liaise with our clients to find an opening for them – meeting both their needs and the need of our client.

Initial Assessment and Profiling

To help you ensure that you recruit the right people. We appreciate that some clients don’t always want high flyers. They may want someone to qualify and stay at that level. Selecting the right candidate is equally important for this role as the high flying role.

Bookkeeping Induction Training

Having recruited them, let’s get them as productive as possible as soon as possible and with the least pain. The first few months in accountancy can be a mystery for students and it can absorb a lot of supervisory and training time. Our induction training provide a solution to this.

Apprenticeships and Funding

We have been involved in Apprenticeships since their re-incarnation under the Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs), subsequently the Learning & Skills Council (LSC) and currently the Skills Funding Agency (SFA). In that time our team have achieved recognition as a Centre of Vocational Excellence in Accounting and were the first (of only two) to achieve Certification under the Training Quality Standard with Excellence in Accounting.

We are able to access Apprenticeship funding for our Flexible Apprenticeship programme, which avoids the need to attend regular classroom sessions with fixed start and end dates and allows apprentices to progress at a pace to suit them and their employer.

In Summary

The goal is to recruit the right people with the right potential who can become a productive member of the team as soon as possible. We see our job as being able to help you achieve that.

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