Initial Assessment and Profiling

Students receive a lot of guidance these days on CV writing and interviewing skills – probably more than employers receive! The recruitment process can be very time consuming. You don’t want to do it more often than needed. A wrong decision can take some time to reverse and this can be painful all round. It is therefore important to make the right recruitment decision first time. We have developed a range of initial assessment and candidate profiling tools to help employers ensure that the candidates you recruit are the right ones and have the skills and personality for the tasks you have lined up for them. These tools include:

  • Job/personality profiling using the Thomas International PPA system
  • Initial Assessment: Literacy (Level 2)
  • Initial Assessment: Numeracy (Level 2)
  • Initial Assessment: Bookkeeping (Level 2)
  • Initial Assessment: Accounts Preparation (Level 3)

You will be relieved to know that we also provide you with answers for the Initial Assessments! Before performing any profiling for candidates we like to agree a job profile with the client first. This part of the process is free.

Here’s an example of how we compared the profile of a candidate with the ‘ideal profile’ specified for a particular job:

candidate profiling
Shown above (graph), is a job profile for an Accounts Assistant role that needed to be filled. This profiling was completed by agreeing with the client the work attributes that it was felt the role required. 

We then invited the candidates to complete an on-line profile (this takes a matter of minutes). Three profiles are produce to reflect behaviour under different conditions.

We then compared the candidate profiles with the job profile:

candidate profiling

Oh dear!

This candidate “interviewed” very well but it was clear from the profile that their personality was not suited to the role required. They were not recruited. Interestingly, they also performed badly on the Initial Assessments.


candidate profiling

Spot on!

This candidate was recruited and has performed excellently both at work and in their studies. The employer is delighted and the student is buzzing.

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