Bookkeeping Induction Training (using The Balancing Act and ABC)

Bookkeeping Induction Training

“The Balancing Act” combined with “ABC” is a blended self-study bookkeeping induction training programme, comprising an on-line interactive training course (ABC) and a hard copy workbook of 42 traditional accounting activities (The Balancing Act). A number of our clients use this as an induction for all of their new accounts staff in their first week. We also provide them with a Bookkeeping assessment (and marking scheme) which they set on a Friday afternoon and mark themselves. Some also use it to allow their able ‘A’ level intake to commence directly with the AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting. The programme covers:

How to process accounts documentation – orders, goods received/despatch notes, sales/purchase invoices and write them up in the day books and then post them to the ledgers; write up a cash book and perform a bank reconciliation; prepare a trial balance; process month end adjustments such as accruals, prepayments, stock, depreciation and draft a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account.

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TBA & ABC Factsheet

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Bookkeeping Induction Training

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What does it consist of?

The workbook contains 42 separate activities following a single case study (Paperchase Wizard Ltd) ~ taking the student from processing orders to preparing a Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position). Acquire the required knowledge by following the online ABC training programme or by attending your own in-house course (see overleaf) Apply the knowledge by using Paperchase Wizard’s paper based activities Test that knowledge by using our online ABC question banks and manual progress test (progress test answers are also supplied). Model answers are provided for all 42 activities so you can self-mark. Workbook activities: 356 pages Workbook answers: 160 pages