Partnerships and Licensing

On the Consultancy pages of this website, we have said that:

If you are an existing college or provider and are:

  • Considering commencing the delivery of the AAT qualification, or
  • Altering your existing delivery model

Or you are considering establishing yourself as a new AAT provider, then do call us to see if we can help – with a view to us providing you consultancy advice on how to progress down these routes (or in fact, whether to!).
However, if you have already made the decision to progress and now want to implement that decision, we can help through a choice of options:


At AAT Level 1 and Level 2, all of the learning materials we use, are our own. We have spent considerable time and energy, over a number of years, developing a suite of interactive and traditional learning materials, hosted in an easily accessible structure on Moodle that engages learners and achieves results. Our currently monthly success rates, as reported to us by the AAT range from 95% to 100%. We have a number of learners who simply enrol on our Basic Package in order to access our learning materials for self-study, with no tutor support.

We are able to provide you with direct access to these learning materials for your students via a choice of routes:

  • For small numbers, students can be provided with access to our general course site, in the same way as our own Basic Package students do. Although they can access the full range of course materials there, you won’t be able to view their activity logs or post any forum messages to them.
  • For larger numbers, we can create a separate course site on our Moodle for you. We can brand the Moodle structure with your logo and overall branding. We can also provide you with ‘teacher’ access to the course so that you can raise and respond to forum posts – you can also add your own materials, class exercises etc. Effectively, it becomes your course site. Only your learners will have access to it.
  • For even larger numbers, we can white label our materials and provide them to you for uploading onto your own learning platform. Clearly this involves more issues over the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) which will be dealt with in the related licensing agreement. NB. Please note, that our courses are currently written for those studying the AAT qualification. The AAT have strict rules over who can promote and deliver AAT qualifications. If you are not currently an accredited AAT training provider you can obtain further details from the AAT here

Also, feel free to call us for any support we can give you with your AAT Expression of Interest and subsequent application.


Either as part of the above (provision of learning materials), or independent to it, we are able to provide further support e.g.

We have relationships with a number of providers where we provide:

  • Assessment support
  • Internal Verification support
  • Advice and guidance on course development
  • The development and writing of course structures for AAT Levels 1 or 2 – e.g. Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans, Course Timetables

If you are a college with limited tutor resources or an individual with only so many hours in the day, you will probably want to spend as much of that time learner facing or client facing. We can help provide all the back office and course development support that allow you to do just that.

Everyone is different and their needs are different. The related solutions are therefore going to be equally different. Do contact us to discuss your particular needs to see if and how we might be able to help.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these options please contact either Prue or Simon on 01392 435349 or email us at: or or

complete an enquiry form here