How long will my course take?

Guidance on how much study is needed:

We can provide you with a ‘Recommended Study Hours’ schedule showing how long it should take you to complete each element of the course, based on the number of hours you feel you can put into your studies each week. This is based on the guided learning hours that are established by the Awarding Bodies for this qualification. The more study time you put in, the faster you should progress through your course. If you would like a copy of this schedule, please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, ensuring that you select the course you are interested in, or, get in contact with us here.

Average Course Duration Based on 8 Hours Study per Week

Average course duration based on 8 hours study per week. This is a very simplified outline, should you need any more information please call the team on 01392 311925

An Individual Learning Plan (ILP):

On enrolment, we will discuss the above study hours schedule with you in order to set realistic deadlines for each unit. We will then create an Individual Learning plan based on these deadlines, so that you can see when each unit should be studied and when the progress tests and mock exams should be submitted for marking and when the exams should be sat. If circumstances change during the course, these dates and deadlines can be amended – our courses are very flexible and tailored to the individual.

Example Individual Learning Plan

Example Individual Learning Plan


Flexible programme:

One of the benefits of a distance learning course, as compared to a taught course, is that the speed of the course is tailored to your needs and your personal circumstances. You are not held back by the slowest person in the class nor left behind by the fastest. Also, if you miss a planned study session then you haven’t missed the topic being studied. (Mind you, if you miss too many, you could forget what you studied the last time!?!)

A health warning!

Studying by distance learning does not suit everyone. Before you enrol, you need to make a commitment to yourself to set aside time to study. The more you study and the more you make use of our support, the more value you will get from your course. We are happy to be there for you and to nag and cajole, but we can’t do the learning for you!!

Course Duration:

Although the process described above will agree a duration period over which to undertake your course, we appreciate that sometimes “life gets in the way”. Provided you stay in contact with us and are still committed to your studies, we will remain committed to you.