AAT AQ2016 Syllabus

What is AQ2016?

The AAT launched the new AQ2016 syllabus on 1st September 2016, this has replaced the AQ2013 syllabus.  If you are studying, or looking to study, AAT you may want to look at the syllabus change and decide on your next move.

If you are currently studying on AQ2013 and intend to finish your course by 31st December 2017, you do not need to take any action (except to ensure that your AAT membership does not lapse).

What’s changing?

There are 4 main changes from AQ2013 to the new AQ2016 syllabus:

Synoptic Assessments. AQ2016 adopts a more ‘holistic’ way of learning the AAT modules and links and test everything learnt across the qualification and their connections by means of a synoptic assessment.

All AAT Accounting qualifications include one synoptic assessment, which is sat at the end of a students studies. This is in addition to modular Computer Based Tests (CBTs). Short AAT qualifications such as the AAT Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Bookkeeping will not include a synoptic assessment. Please note that unlike CBT exams, synoptic assessments will have limited availability in exam centres each year. Read more on synoptic assessments here.

Grading. One of they key changes introduced by AQ2016 will the new grading system.  Each AAT Level will now be graded as either Pass, Merit or Distinction and all CBT and synoptic assessments will contribute towards your final grade.

Resit Restrictions. The AAT are introducing resit restrictions for some students aged below 19.  Students who are on an apprenticeship programme, or are Scottish or International will not be affected by this.

New Names. With AQ2016 comes new names for the AAT levels .

~ AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting  = AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting

~ AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting = AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting

~ AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting = AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting

Your Options

Existing students can choose to either stay on AQ2013 or transfer to AQ2016:

Stay on AQ2013 for your current level and next level 

Current students and those who registered with the AAT before 31st August 2016 can carry on studying the AQ2013 syllabus up until 31st December 2017. However, you must ensure that your AAT membership does not lapse after 1st September 2016. If it does lapse and you renew it after 31st August 2016 you will automatically be transferred onto AQ2016 and you will not be able to revert back to the AQ2013.

To stay on AQ013 until December 2017 you must:

~ Ensure your AAT membership does not lapse

~ Contact the AAT to confirm that you are registered for your next qualification under AQ2013.

~ Tell your local exam centre that your exam is on the AQ2013 syllabus

*Bookkeeping students- if you are looking to undertake an Accounting qualification on AQ2013 you will need to upgrade your AAT membership to ‘Accounting Qualification’ before 31st August 2016.

Finish your current level on AQ2013 and then start your new qualification on AQ2016

If you want to stay on the AQ2013 syllabus for your Accounting qualification the AAT will give you until December 2017 to achieve this.  If you pass the qualification after 1st September 2016 you will remain on the AQ2013 syllabus unless your membership laspes or you contact the office to transfer to the new syllabus. To finish your current level on AQ2013 and then start your new qualification on AQ2016 you should:

~ Ensure your membership does not lapse before you complete your current AAT Level .

~ Complete your current level by 31st December 2017

~ For the current level you should ensure the exam centre is notified that you are on the AQ2013 syllabus.

~ Contact the office once you have completed your first level and are ready to move onto the next qualification.  We can then transfer you to AQ2016.

Transfer to AQ2016

From 1st September you will able to transfer to the AQ2016 . If you do want to do this please contact the office first to discuss your options. To check which units will transfer over to the new syllabus use the AAT Transfer Tool- click here.  It’s important to note that any units gained on the AQ2010 syllabus will not be accepted.

New Students

The team would recommend that you start your AAT studies on the new AQ2016 syllabus. However, if you would like to enrol on the AQ2013 syllabus, please contact us at study@accountancylearning.co.uk or call us on 01392 435349.

For more information please contact the office at study@accountancylearning.co.uk or visit the AAT website here:www.aat.org.uk/training/qualifications/aat-accounting