Accountancy Learning Star Students

So, what makes a star student?

The Star Students are nominated each month by all of the personal tutors, and every Star Student will receive a £25 voucher!
Nominations are based on students who have stood out because of:

Their attitude to their studies

Their progress with their studies against their learning plan

Challenges they have overcome

Any other noteworthy factor

Star Student May: Pete Freeman

Whilst on holiday in Crete (May 2015), Pete fell from a 4th floor balcony onto solid concrete. Pete fractured his right ankle, knee, femur, his pelvis, both arms, ribs, collar bone and jaw. He also suffered some internal injuries and was unconscious for 3 weeks. After 5 weeks, he was taken by stretcher on a plane back to the UK for another 5 weeks in hospital in Plymouth.

Prior to his accident, Pete had worked in a restaurant and in retail management, but had always enjoyed the accountancy element to his roles. He realised that he would probably never be able to stand for long enough to go back to his previous line of work. Despite this, he somehow managed to keep positive and in April 2016, he began his AAT journey. On 1st June 2016, Pete progressed to AAT Level 3 and on 3rd November, he started his AAT Level 4. As at 5th May 2017, Pete only has one Level 4 exam left (Business Tax), which he plans to sit at the end of this month.

Since Pete’s accident, he has been in and out of hospital for multiple operations, leading to hospital stays of over 3 weeks. Even this did not dampen Pete’s spirits. He managed to turn the area close to his hospital bed into a ‘study area’ and even persuaded nurses to allow him to leave hospital (in between IV antibiotic does) with a cannula protruding from his arm, in order to sit an AAT exam!

Still on crutches, Pete will have completed all three AAT Levels in just over a year. WOW! All of us here at Accountancy Learning are so proud of him!



Star Student January: Sophie Davey

“I am currently studying AAT Level 2 as part of my apprenticeship. My current job role is a Finance Apprentice at Somerset County Council. My future career aspirations are to become a fully qualified accountant.”

Personal Tutor Shannon Dodd says:

Sophie is currently studying for her AAT Certificate in Accounting. Having started her studies in June 2016, she passed her 3rd exam just before Christmas and will soon be sitting her 4th, with an expected end date in the Spring, well within 12 months of starting.

She is a conscientious, enthusiastic and hard worker, who takes the time to make sure she truly understands each topic before sitting the exam – and has consequently flown through them. She is prepared to ask questions when she is not sure of something and listens and learns from the feedback, applying it to her next piece of work.

She doesn’t get depressed by her mistakes – she is happy to learn from them and use them to motivate her further.

This positive attitude to her studies is mirrored at work, where she has been shortlisted as Chairman’s Young Person Award 2016.” 

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