AAT ISYS Project (AQ2013)


Eek! Don’t Leave Your AAT AQ2013 ISYS Project To The Last Minute!!

AQ2013 evaporates on 31.12.17. After this time you will not be able to sit any further AQ2013 exams or submit your ISYS project for assessment.

Although the advice below relates primarily to completing the ISYS project, we feel it is only right to let you know that there is always the option of transitioning from AQ2013 to AQ2016.

When AQ2010 transitioned to AQ2013, many students were faced with the prospect of either completing their ICAS project or sitting all of their exams again. We were about the only training provider offering this support and had tons of students enrol in the Autumn just for ISYS. Neil and Simon worked their socks off that Autumn. Simon was even in the office on New Year’s Eve assessing two students (competent -phew!)

However, it is possible to transition AQ2013 passes to AQ2016 providing there is an equivalent paper. At level 4, this is the case for all papers except for ISYS.

We are not trying to do ourselves out of business but we don’t want you to get stressed unnecessarily. If you have NOT sat ISYS yet, you may prefer to transition the papers you have passed. You will then not need to sit ISYS but you WILL need to sit the new SYNOPTIC exam.

If your would like to transition, then either phone us to discuss the process or go onto the shop and use enrol on the appropriate course. If you only have a couple of units left, you can simply enrol on them. Click here to access the shop where you can either enrol on the full course or on individual units. If you have quite a few exams left, give us a call and we will come up with a price to reflect this – better value than paying unit by unit for e.g. 4 papers.

However, if you have only got ISYS left and don’t want to sit the Synoptic, you still have time to start and complete ISYS, but don’t leave it too late. You will get stressed, we will get stressed and it will cost you more.

As we get closer to the deadline we have to allocate staff to cover the extra work and time pressure and we have to work longer hours. It therefore costs us more if we are not going to be diverted from other students. We will therefore be charging more as the deadline approaches.


Prices for ISYS Project 2017

Prices for ISYS Project 2017

Decision time. 2013 or not 2013, that is the question. ISYS or Synoptic?

If you want to complete ISYS (and any other 2013 unit) click HERE to go to the shop where you can complete the AQ2013 units enrolment form.

If you want to transition or are still not sure what to do, please get in touch with us HERE or give us a call 01392 311925 to chat it all through with you.


Of course, if you have completed ISYS and have a couple of AQ2013 units left, transitioning is more of an issue as you will lose your ISYS unit and will have to do the Synoptic instead. We will also be putting our prices up for these individual units shortly, albeit not by so much. However, although we don’t have to assess these units, we do have to mark your progress tests and turn them round increasingly quickly and frequently as the deadline approaches. (We won’t increase the price of the Basic package as this does not include tutor support)

However, don’t leave it too late…

Act now!!!!