AAT Level 1 Access

Whilst the AAT Level 2 courses are the typical starting point for those who have no prior knowledge of accounting and no experience of working within a finance department, we do also offer the AAT Level 1 Access course. This is suitable for those who wish to focus their studies on ‘Single Entry’ Bookkeeping rather than ‘Double Entry’.

If you are unsure which level is suitable for you, try the AAT Skillcheck here.

 The AAT Access course is designed to help you develop an understanding of how accounting works in a professional environment and it is also a helpful qualification for those who could do with some additional literacy and numeracy support.

This course includes the following units:

  • Mathematics for Accounting
  • Essential Accounting Procedures
  • Creating Business Documents
  • Accounting in a Professional Environment

Upon completion of the course, you can further your knowledge and skills by progressing onto any of the other AAT Foundation Bookkeeping or Accounting qualifications. 

For more information about:

  • What each unit includes
  • Assessment method
  • How long the course will take
  • Pass rates
  • Level of support you might need
  • What you receive from us when you enrol
  • Next steps

Please see our downloadable Factsheet and Price List (shown to the right, in ‘Related Downloads’).

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