AAT Foundation Award in Accounting Skills to Run Your Own Business

Out now!

If your business is going to deliver the lifestyle and goals for you and your family that you aspired to when you first got started, then you have to know and understand your business numbers – no exceptions, no excuses.

This is what this course enables you to do, and that’s why it’s been described as the single most useful course for business owners to undertake.

This AAT distance learning course is primarily for those who want to develop the relevant basic accounting skills to run their own small business, including how to communicate financial information to accountants and other interested organisations.

This course includes the following units:

  • Budgeting for the Small Business (planning and control)
  • Managing Cash Flow, Keeping your Business healthy
  • Understanding Financial Documents
  • Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies (notification and essential principles)

There will be one exam and it will be assessed via a Computer Based Test (CBT) which is an automatically marked exam.

You will probably not be planning to pursue a career in accounting but if you wanted to take your knowledge/skills further, then any of the other AAT Foundation qualifications would be a suitable progression option.

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