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AAT Computer Based Tests (CBTs) and Computer Based Projects (CBPs) – Exams

All the AAT exams are now ‘on demand’, which means that you can sit them whenever you like, once you (and we) think you are ready to sit them (subject to availability at your chosen exam centre – some will need a number of weeks’ notice, whereas others may only need a few days’ notice). All exams need to be taken at an approved AAT exam centre and under strict invigilated conditions (apart from the AQ2013 Level 4 ISYS project).

With distance learning, it is most likely that you will undertake your learning with your chosen training provider (e.g. us!!) and then sit your exams at an approved exam centre near you – when enquiring about your course, just ask us and we’ll be able to tell you which exam centres are closest to you. Alternatively, check out the AAT’s own search facility.

There are two types of AAT exam – Computer Based Tests (CBTs) and Computer Based Projects (CBPs).

AAT Computer Based Tests (CBTs)

CBTs are online exams that are automatically marked by the AAT. At Foundation and Advanced level (Level 2 & 3), you will receive an immediate result upon completion of the assessment. At AAT Professional Level (Level 4), there is a written element that needs to be marked by the AAT, so the results for these assessments will take approximately 6 weeks to come through.

AAT Computer Based Projects (CBPs) – AQ2013 Syllabus only

CBPs are also online exams but these ones have to be assessed by your training provider (by qualified assessors) e.g. Level 2 Computerised Accounting (CPAG) where you will be using Sage software and saving your work in the form of pdfs and screenshots. Other CBPs include a great deal of written work e.g. Professional Ethics (PETH) at Level 3 and Internal Controls and Accounting Systems (ISYS). Notification of results will be variable according to the training provider you have enrolled with – we take 24-48 hours to assess and notify you of your results.

Types of exam and exam duration for each qualification

AQ2016 exams and durations

AQ2016 exams and durations


AQ2013 Exams and durations

AQ2013 Exams and durations

** This assessment (a 4,000 word report) can be completed via an AAT Case Study or by producing workplace evidence. There is a 4 month time limit from the time that the project is first allocated to you by your training provider. We can provide you with plenty of guidance on whether a case study or workplace evidence will be most appropriate for you, based on your circumstances.

Exams for External Candidates

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